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Oracle Partners

Oracle develops and implements applications for companies one hundred percent activated by Internet through its entire product line: database, commercial applications and application development tools and decision support.    

Odoo Partners

Open source ERP, which covers the business requirements of medium and small companies. From ERP to CRM, e-commerce and CMS. 

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Innovative solution for management , control, project planning in real time. Designed for smart and competitive companies. Inti Task allows you to know and follow the status of multiple tasks  and projects from an intuitive, efficient and sustainable platform. Learn what your team is working at a glance!


Telephone application designed for the prevention of criminal situations anywhere, in real time. Rats creates a community of users that can help each other be prevented and safe from the dangers of crime. Users can generate alerts of criminal situations, knowing the places attacked by crime. Being safe and prevented from crime, it has never been so simple, DISCOVERS RATS!

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